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Triad Mass

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TRIAD MASS is our Extreme Bulking Formula that stands as a leader. Every ingredient inside TRIAD MASS is designed to synergistically help you gain insane strength, and blast past any mass building goal you have.*

At Alchemy Labs we believe in maximizing each ingredient in our supplements to enhance results. We engineered Rocket Delivery™ as a state-of-the-art supplement delivery system that is designed to maximize absorption!

If your goal is to build mass and overall take your training to new heights, get TRIAD MASS for yourself today.*


  • Quality Muscle Mass*
  • Extreme Strength Gains*
  • Enhanced Alpha Male Feeling*
  • Alpha Male Sex Drive & Libido*

Who Should Take Triad Mass?

  • Anyone looking to pack on serious muscle mass*
  • Anyone looking to run a safe anabolic cycle*
  • Anyone looking to increase strength & build muscle*