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You may have already heard, but “attitude is everything.” Rippling muscle isn’t built by sissy wimps. It is built by the ravenous freaks who aren’t afraid to turn things up a notch. Attacking the weight like an uncaged beast isn’t always so easy, even for the freaks. Stress and distraction are ever-present, and this can disrupt anyone’s training. It’s times like these that better living through chemistry is so important, but really, who wouldn’t want to kick their performance into high gear at any time?! This is why we’ve created MethX Super Potent Pre-Workout Fuel – A select profile of effective ingredients creating scary levels of training intensity.

Creatine Magnapower (2,000mg) – A chelated magnesium-bonded form of creatine to enhance absorption and keep the muscle hydrated

Hydromax (1,000mg) – Floods the muscles and enhances aerobic performance

Beta Vulgaris (250mg) – Beet extract demonstrated to improve and sustain otherworldly power output

5α Hydroxy Laxogenin (25mg) – A steroid molecule isolated from plant sources reported to aid strength and lean mass gain

L-Tyrosine (500mg) – A precursor to noradrenaline that aids in cognition

Tri-Caffeine Complex (350mg) – Caffeine is well-known, but this is not your typical caffeine. The addition of malate to two caffeine molecules smoothes any agitation from and prolongs the metabolic-boosting effects of caffeine

Yohimbe HCL (2mg) – Boosts the body’s potential to burn fat and increase blood flow

Hordenine (60mg) – Inhibits adrenaline clearance and strengthens muscle contractions to keep all your cylinders firing

Beta-Alanine (2,000mg) – Buffers lactic acid build up, thereby delaying fatigue to squeeze more out of each and every set

Malic Acid (500mg) – An intermediate in metabolic processes

This is everything you need in a pre-workout. The Growth Factor Complex creates sickening muscle pumps and enhances overall exercise volume. Bigger pumps and higher volume are a recipe for mass. Geeked Out Energy Complex hits the upper limit on caffeine and adds other cognitive enhancers to provide even the biggest iron animal with serious focus. Finally, Beta-alanine and Malic Acid fuel cellular energy processes while simultaneously enhancing performance.

Insanely intense workouts are not normal. But with MethX they are. By virtue of containing no proprietary blends, you can see for yourself just how effective MethX can be. Take your training and physique to another level – the MethX level.


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